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Tara H.
Classroom teacher
Gretna Middle School
Gretna, United States
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My Grades 7
My Subjects English Language Arts
EdTech Mentor

About Me

I am a seventh grade reading and English teacher at our middle school.  I have been teaching for three years and enjoy finding new ways to engage students in the classroom through the use of technology.  

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My Lesson Plans

Thematic Writing - Integrating Reading & Writing
English Language Arts
Grade 4 – 12
5 steps
October 18, 2016
Adding Dialogue to Writing
English Language Arts
Grade 6 – 9
6 steps
October 18, 2016
One Word Project
English Language Arts, Math, Science...
Grade 4 – 12
5 steps
September 3, 2016
Who's Percy's Daddy? - Greek gods and The Lightning Thief
English Language Arts, Social Studies
Grade 6 – 8
5 steps
July 12, 2016

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