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As a reviewer for Graphite, I am focused on helping teachers determine which apps will best work for them and how to put those apps to use in the classroom. I'm a former middle school English teacher with a passion for helping students not only learn to read and write, but also learn to communicate in an ever-changing, increasingly connected world.

Beyond teaching, I've had my hand in many areas of the world of education. I'm always on the lookout for new technologies and resources to help improve instruction in all subjects and at all levels. If I can't find it, I create it. I've designed numerous assessments, developed curriculum units, served as a subject-matter expert for educational websites and become an expert on the Common Core State Standards.I hold a master’s degree in secondary education with a focus on language, literacy and culture from The Ohio State University and a bachelor’s in English from the same university. I have also completed coursework at the College of Charleston to receive my gifted and talented endorsement.

Personally, I'm a Navy wife who currently lives in the Greater Seattle Area with my husband, two kids, and three cats. In my spare time, I write and perform educational raps and continue on my never-ending quest to become Mother of the Year.

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NYPL Biblion: Frankenstein
Wealth of info on a literary classic, a bit buried by complex design
Common Sense says
Teachers say
Search, access, and organize podcasts from iTunes' free library
Common Sense says
Teachers say
This product is no longer available.
Tool lets teachers save time, track data while testing reading fluency
Common Sense says
Teachers say
Augment reality with innovative, somewhat clunky tool
Common Sense says
Teachers say
Nutrition Data
This product is no longer available.
Database includes info for 8,000 foods, fast foods, and brand names
Common Sense says
Teachers say
Google Translate
Simple tool eases communication, supports aspects of language learning
Common Sense says
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