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As Common Sense Education's senior director of education content, Shira is responsible for the strategic direction and overall quality of content on Common Sense Education's Graphite ( Graphite is an innovative platform for PreK-12 teachers with independent ratings and reviews of EdTech. Previously, Shira oversaw the direction and operations of Common Sense's app, website, and game channels and project managed the research and creation of our K-12 digital literacy and citizenship curriculum and companion online interactive elements. Shira has also managed research projects on digital learning, school reform, and social emotional development. More generally, Shira is interested in seeding innovative approaches to learning. Creation games like Minecraft and offbeat TV comedies like Arrested Development occupy far too much of Shira's time. She holds a doctorate degree from the Harvard Graduate School of Education and a bachelor's in English from the University of Michigan.

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September 8, 2014
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February 19, 2014

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