Amanda P.
Media specialist/librarian
Grosse Pointe North High School
Grosse Pointe Woods, United States
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My Grades 9, 10, 11, 12

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Terrific Websites for Sc...
Students observe, experiment, and make conclusions with these stellar picks.
Grade K - 12
Science, engineering, biology, chemistry, physics
Critical Thinking, collecting data, hypothesis-testing, investigation
Great Games for Physics
Virtual space is a great place to learn about motion and gravity.
Grade 2 - 12
Science, engineering, gravity, motion, physics
Critical Thinking, hypothesis-testing, part-whole relationships, problem...
Real-World Science Resou...
Turn every student into a curious citizen scientist.
Grade Pre-K - 12
Science, animals, biology, ecosystems, plants
Critical Thinking, collecting data, hypothesis-testing, investigation, making...