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Teaching is a second career for me. I entered the profession after working as a professional photographer for ten years, which turned into a marketing career, which turned a corner into a professional development consortium at the San Joaquin County Office of Education where I met many wonderful, dedicated teachers.

In 2001, I received my teaching credential and a position teaching junior high English. I earned my master's degree in Rhetoric and the Teaching of Writing from CSU Stanislaus and began teaching senior English, AP Literature, and AP Language.

My support and inspiration comes from the good folks in the Great Valley Writing Project and the wonderful connections and friends I have made in the California Writing Project.

Currently, I am working on a grant to open a digital media arts academy at Sierra High School in Manteca in the fall of 2015 called be.connected which will link classes in English, graphic arts, and video production. Students will participate in projects which research and promote local non-profits as they work toward Adobe Certification.

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