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Jennifer K.
Classroom teacher
Legend Elementary School (Newark, OH)
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My Subjects English Language Arts, Math, Science, Social Studies

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I have been teaching for seveteen years grades K through 3. Currently I am a first grade teacher for Newark City Schools at Legend Elementary. I strive for differentiating my classroom instruction by using technology as a way to drive my instruction. For the last fourteen years I have served as my building's technology integration specialist. I have been awarded two NEA Grants for the purpose of using iPads to boost student achievement. In addition to my efforts in technology integration I also serve on my building's Leadership Team and manage the school's data for the RTI process

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Ed Tech Tools for Teachers
1 item
November 16, 2016
Early STEMming
2 items
January 30, 2016
First Grade Loves Apps
5 items
April 1, 2015
Math Apps
2 items
March 31, 2015

My Reviews

Good RTI Intervention
July 20, 2016
Mystery Word Town Spelling
Fun and Engaging Sight Word Practice!
July 12, 2016
Plants by Tinybop
Plants in Real Life
April 1, 2016
Pattern Shapes, by the Math Learning Center
Great Practice Composing Shapes!
March 19, 2016
Teachley: Mt. Multiplis
Learn to Multiply with Strategies
February 16, 2016
Teachley: Subtractimals
Subtraction with Supports
January 31, 2016
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My Lesson Plans

Got a problem? Design a Robot to Fix It!
English Language Arts, Math, Science
Grade K – 5
5 steps
January 24, 2016
Wide World of Science According to Seymour Simon
English Language Arts, Science
Grade 2 – 5
3 steps
July 8, 2015
History Changer Baseball Cards
English Language Arts, Social Studies
Grade 1 – 5
3 steps
July 7, 2015
Take Care of My Body
English Language Arts, Science
Grade K – 2
5 steps
March 6, 2014

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Differentiate Math Instruction with Tech
posted on January 23, 2017
Using centers can help all of your students be successful.
How to Add New EdTech to Your Back-to-School Toolkit
posted on August 1, 2016
Start your school year with engaging digital tools!

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