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Kim R.
Specialist Sr., Entrepreneurship Education
Arizona State University, E+I
Scottsdale, United States
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My Grades 9, 10, 11, 12
My Subjects English Language Arts, Math, Science, Social Studies, Arts

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I am an Arizona Certified Career and Technical Education Teacher who is passionate about technology integration, constantly looking for and trying new technologies. I am an advocate for technology integration among my colleagues and I lead most PD related to technology at my school. I also believe that it does not have to be hard, and just because one way of integrating technology works for one person does not mean it will work for someone else.

I have seven years teaching experience at an inner city charter high school working with at-risk students. I teach a range of courses from Intro to Programming to Personal Finance, all using Edmodo as the main hub for class activity. I have fully integrated technology into every area of my classroom. Coming from a background in business, I know how important it is for students to learn to use and become proficient with computers. I believe that students who do not know how to use technology and adapt quickly to changing technologies will struggle in the workplace of the future, regardless of their level of education.

I am also a wife of 25 years, mother of 3 grown children, former Cub Scout, Girl Scout, and Boy Scout Leader, Boy Scout Camp Archery Director, and Children’s Ministry teacher who loves working with children/young adults.

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January 7, 2015
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Creating a Search Query
English Language Arts, Science, Social Studies
Grade 9 – 12
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April 1, 2014
Copyright and Fair Use
Social Studies
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March 4, 2014

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