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Beijing, China
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My Grades 10, 11, 12
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Lucy Haagen is a passionate education entrepreneur with a special commitment to using digital technologies to empower under-resourced communities of English teachers and learners. For more than a decade, she directed Durham County, North Carolina’s Adult Literacy Program, earning it national recognition for use innovative use of affordable technologies. Since then she has helped community organizations in Durham, NC. China and Vietnam establish and/or improve literacy programs for adults and adolescents through the use of technology. As a faculty member in Duke University's Program in Education, she taught “ESL Teaching Methods” and “Durham through the Lens of Literacy” In both courses, enrolled students served as English literacy coaches – onsite and virtual to out-of-school and immigrant teens, developing teaching strategies based on readings and structured observation.. Since 2009, through the M-Ubuntu project, Lucy has been focusing on how recycled smartphones can be powerful teaching and learning tools in under-resourced classrooms in S. Africa, Lesotho, and Uganda. She is also a U.S. State Dept English Language Specialist who has conducted educator trainings in Tunisia, Oman, S. Africa and Egypt.

Lucy is currently working with the Beijing-baseed Fazheng International Education Center to develop an android-tablet based English curriculum and interactive materials library designed to prepare Chinese high school students for success in English medium universities in the U.S. and globally.

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