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Lisa G.
Classroom teacher
Marina Village Middle School
El Dorado Hills, United States
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My Grades 7
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As a middle school English teacher, my biggest challenge is reaching that student in the back row – hoodie on, arms crossed, no paper or pencil – with the rebellious and insolent ‘make me’ look. How do we ignite their spark, take them off the bench and onto the ‘varsity writing team’? How can we coach them into making a positive contribution to the world?

After twenty-two years of teaching, I have found that 21st century tools reach many students – both reluctant and those ready to soar. Technology-rich classrooms are engaging, challenging and rich. When integrated with literacy skills, these classrooms will serve students for the rest of their lives.

In addition to my classroom experience, I also am a teacher-consultant with Area 3 Writing Project . In this capacity, I have organized and facilitated teacher-led workshops for a variety of audiences including CATE and several multi-day workshops for teachers looking for additional professional development in writing.

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An Ode To Those Who Speak Up
English Language Arts, Social Studies
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