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Jeff B.
Classroom teacher
Cerritos College
Norwalk, United States
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I am a chemistry professor at Cerritos College near Los Angeles. I have taught here since 1999. Previous to that I was a chemistry teacher for 11 years at Warren High School in Downey. I am currently experimenting with the use of iPads and pen displays. Here is my blog: I have been a member of the California Science Teachers Association Board of Directors and am currently a member of the California Teacher Advisory Council. I have two kids in college and one in Junior High. I am married to a wonderful wife and I love woodworking and reading. I attended Biola University, California State University Long Beach and Cal Poly Pomona.

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Apps for chemistry
4 items
March 3, 2015
Science Websites
16 items
March 3, 2015
Book creating apps for the iPad
3 items
January 7, 2015
Student engagement
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January 7, 2015
Good Screencasting apps!
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January 7, 2015

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Predicting and Drawing Molecular Geometry and Shape
Grade 10 – 12
6 steps
March 6, 2015

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