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Jayne M.
Executive Director, California Writing Project
UC Berkeley Graduate School Of Education
Berkeley, United States
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I have had the privilege and joy of spending 32 years of my life in the professional community that is the California Writing Project (CWP), first as a teacher and teacher leader, next as a director of the Area 3 Writing Project at UC Davis, and now as the statewide director of the CWP network of 16 university-based projects. Link here to see where they are and seek out the one closest to you: (http://www.californiawritingproject.org/regional-sites.html).

Also, check out the CWP Upstanders, Not Bystanders board. Through the Upstanders, Not Bystanders Campaign, students use writing to celebrate inspirational upstanders and to propose and advocate for solutions to problems that need upstanders. By sharing and going public with their writing, students will learn new ways that they have a voice, they have agency, they have power, and individually and collectively, they can make change and use their writing to do so. Link to the CWP Upstanders, Not Bystanders page to find the downloadable Upstanders Toolkit of writing topics and lessons, digital tools and genres, texts and resources, and opportunities for civic engagement:( http://www.californiawritingproject.org/upstanders-not-bystanders.html). Complementing the toolkit are the recommended websites and apps you will find on the CWP board here. Make return visits to see the Upstanders, Not Bystanders app flows that CWP teacher leaders will be creating for their students.

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November 16, 2014
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November 16, 2014

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