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Jason S.
Classroom teacher
Odyssey Charter Elementary School
Denver, United States
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My Grades 4, 5
My Subjects English Language Arts, Math, Science, Social Studies

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Jason has been an educator for over a decade in a variety of settings. He's taught in rural Guatemalan villages, private, public, and charter schools. Currently, Jason serves as the Assistant Executive Director at Odyssey School in Denver Colorado. He is deeply interested in exploring blended learning tools and models that support high quality differentiated instruction. Jason also values using technology to help students find a voice in our interconnected world. Outside of school, Jason enjoys spending time with his family and enjoying the many adventures that Colorado offers. He is a member of the Denver Writing Project, a poet, kite flyer, and runner.

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One-size-fits-all approach drains the heart and soul out of writing
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CoSpaces Edu
VR design tool sparks creativity for those with the coding chops
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Differentiated text-based coding makes for truly authentic experiences
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Sown to Grow
Cultivate a growth mindset with reflective, student-driven learning
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Discovery VR
Immersive videos let students enter the magical world of VR
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