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Schalmont Middle School
Schenectady, United States
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I am a certified ELA teacher in New York State and I teach 6th grade digital literacy. This class is a combination of digital citizenship, technology, and ELA. Students learn how to use 21st century skills through the common sense curriculum reworked into a Project Based Learning environment. The class is "paper light," meaning the vast majority of everything we do in class is done electronically. While students are learning about technology and digital citizenship, they are also building important ELA skills within reading and writing. The goal is to create students who have a well balanced idea of how to use technology in the modern day in appropriate and productive ways, while building reading and writing skills through high interest projects and activities.

I also co-teach a 5/6 ELA skills class designed for students whose reading and writing skills are determined as far below grade level. I work with a special education teacher to inspire, motivate, and move these students' skill levels closer to their grade level expectations.

Previously, I have worked at a PTECH school (Pathways in Technology Early College High School) where we focused on Project Based Learning, integrating various subjects into projects, and creating a paperless environment.

I am interested in new and exciting ways to integrate technology into the classroom, reading and writing intervention and skill building, motivating students intrinsically, and project/challenged based learning.

I also like to speak and work with other technology and project based learning educators. I have presented at local school districts and conferences in the Albany area as well as at ISTE and NYSCATE conferences.

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Introduction to Public Speaking
English Language Arts
Grade 5 – 12
5 steps
July 29, 2016
Telling a Story with SCRATCH/SCRATCH JR.
English Language Arts
Grade 4 – 12
5 steps
March 7, 2016
Creative Work and Copyright Discussion Board
English Language Arts
Grade 6
5 steps
February 11, 2016

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