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Common Sense Education Program Manager, Mid-Atlantic D.C. Metro Area

Barbara Huth joined the Common Sense Education team in 2016.  As the DC Metro Regional Education Manager, she collaborates with school districts across DC, Maryland, and Virginia to help build the foundational digital citizenship skills to utilize all the opportunities that technology in the classroom can offer.   

Barbara has over ten years of experience in education and is a National Board Certified Science Teacher.  She is extremely passionate about finding ways to use technology in the classroom to engage students in solving real world problems.  She led technology-rich student projects that have been recognized by the NEED Project, NSTA’s Exploravision, the Center for Advanced Energy Studies and the Siemen’s We Can Change the World Competition.

Barbara holds a bachelors degree in integrated health studies from Kent State University and a master’s degree in comprehensive science education from the University of North Carolina at Charlotte.  Her National Board Certification is in adolescent & young adult science with a focus on earth & space sciences. 

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June 2, 2017
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April 27, 2017
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My Lesson Plans

A Disposable Society - Evaulating the Impacts of our Habits & Waste
Grade 7 – 12
5 steps
April 2, 2016
Why Climate Varies
Grade 6 – 12
5 steps
January 28, 2016
Exploring Earthquakes with the 5 E's
Grade 6 – 12
5 steps
October 18, 2015
Current Events Using Social Media
English Language Arts, Science, Social Studies...
Grade 9 – 12
3 steps
June 11, 2015
Exploring Available Freshwater
Science, Health & Wellness
Grade 6 – 9
5 steps
January 15, 2015

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3 Budget-Friendly Ways to Take Science Learning Outside
posted on March 1, 2018
Extend your classroom walls and use tech to get kids excited about science.

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