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Hedy M.
Classroom teacher
Colfax Upper Elementary School
Springdale, United States
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My Grades 6
My Subjects English Language Arts, Math

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I have always had a love for teaching, coaching and mentoring others. About 4 years ago I decided to leave my current profession in retail management to return to school to pursue a career Elementary Education. I attended Duquesne University for 2 years and received my Master's Degree in Elementary Education. Upon graduating, I moved to Baltimore, Maryland where I taught 3rd grade in the Baltimore County Public School System. During this time I had the opportunity to advance my professional development by attending many seminars, workshops and conferences. I have since relocated back home to Pittsburgh to teach in the Allegheny Valley School District. I was the Math Coach for 4th, 5th, and 6th grade students and currently teach 6th grade Math and Language Arts. Last year, I implemented the "First In Math" program for our school and love to see the excitement on our students face's when they use this program. I also received a grant this year for two mini iPad's to utilize in my classroom. I have a passion for technology and am constantly looking for new ways to integrate technology into my classroom.

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Describing Author's Purpose is as easy as P.I.E.
English Language Arts
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October 15, 2014

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