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Girard Kelly is an attorney focused on Internet, privacy, cybersecurity, and Intellectual Property law who thrives on cutting-edge legal issues and has a strong background in public policy, information technology, entrepreneurship, and emerging technologies.

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Our 2019 EdTech Security Survey
posted on March 15, 2019
Our semi-annual survey of edtech security practices shows no improvements since 2018.
Privacy Evaluation of Top 10 District-wide EdTech Products
posted on December 21, 2018
Learn to navigate the privacy challenges of district-wide technology
Privacy and Security Evaluation of the Anki Vector Robot
posted on December 13, 2018
All kids have a right to digital security.
New Product Launch: Basic Privacy Evaluations
posted on November 20, 2018
Basic evaluations turn privacy concerns into better privacy practice.
2018 State of EdTech Security Survey
posted on August 29, 2018
As part of our privacy evaluations, we are releasing our research data in evaluating security...
2018 State of EdTech Privacy Report: Transfer of Data
posted on June 7, 2018
A majority of applications and services are non-transparent or explicitly allow the onward...
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