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Gail D.
Technology Integration Specialist
EGUSD Technology Services
Elk Grove, United States
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Gail Desler (@Gail Desler) is a technology integration specialist and a digital citizenship co- coordinator for the Elk Grove Unified School District. She is a Common Sense Media Certified Educator, a Google Certified Innovator, and a National Writing Project Teacher Consultant. Much of her focus is in supporting students in becoming “change writers,” empowered to use technology in ways that make a positive difference in all the communities to which they belong, online or face-to-face.

Gail collaborates with EGUSD Digital Citizenship Co-Director Kathleen Watt on a number of workshops for teachers and administrators throughout the district and region. Their workshops cover a variety of media literacy topics, including copyright, fair use, and creative commons; building and maintaining positive digital footprint; and creating and curating ePortfolios.

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Tools for Teaching Tough Topics
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November 15, 2014

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Media Literacy: Flex Your Fact-Checking Muscles - Read Laterally
English Language Arts, Science, Social Studies
Grade 7 – 12
5 steps
May 9, 2018
Upstanders, Not Bystanders
English Language Arts, Social Studies
Grade 6 – 9
5 steps
October 5, 2014

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