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Isidore Newman School
New Orleans, United States
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I am a sixth grade history teacher at Isidore Newman School, a pre-K through twelfth grade independent school in New Orleans, Louisiana. I earned my B.A. from Rhodes College in 2004, with a major in French and a minor in Education, and I completed a Master's in Educational Leadership from the University of New Orleans in 2012. I have taught the Louisiana & American Studies course at Newman for eight years and have served as the sixth grade dean and team leader for six of those years. The sixth grade team piloted the 1-to-1 laptop program in the Middle School at Newman during the 2006 - 2007 school year, and the program has expanded throughout the division since that time. Over the years, I have also served as the Interim History Department Chair for Middle and Upper School, mentored new faculty members, served on accreditation committees, and mentored college-aged teachers through Breakthrough New Orleans. I presented at the National Service-Learning Conference in 2009 and published an article on service-learning in the February 2010 issue of Principal Leadership magazine. I am passionate about middle level education and technology in the classroom.

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