May 2014: Media Making and DIY

Erin Wilkey O.
Executive Editor, Education Content and Distribution Common Sense Education
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Book Creator is a versat...
Holly Hills Elementary School
Denver, Colorado
May 4th, 2014

Top Picks

Websites and Apps for Ma...
Put students in the spotlight with these great video and animation creation apps.
Grade K - 12
Arts, drawing, film, script writing
Creativity, imagination, innovation, making new creations
Digital Resources for Sc...
Get some online information for offline building.
Grade 1 - 12
Creativity, developing novel solutions, imagination, innovation, making new...
Painting and Drawing App...
Turn your tablet or phone into an artist's canvas.
Grade Pre-K - 12
Arts, design, drawing, painting, playing
Creativity, brainstorming, imagination, making new creations
Great Apps, Games, and W...
Inspire music makers and lifelong appreciation.
Grade Pre-K - 12
Arts, music theory, music, rhythm, singing
Creativity, combining knowledge, imagination, making new creations
Best Websites for High S...
Clever products let older students express themselves.
Grade 9 - 12
Arts, drawing, painting, photography, sculpture
Creativity, combining knowledge, imagination, innovation, making new creations

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