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Elisabeth A.
Technology coordinator
Cosumnes River Elementary School
Sloughhouse, United States
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My Grades K, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6
My Subjects Math, Social Studies

About Me

I’m the Computer Resource Teacher at my elementary school, teaching grades K-6. I'm also the Smarter Balanced Assessments Coordinator and Test Administrator. This is my 8th year teaching computers. Prior to that I primarily taught 4th graders for 13 years. In my spare time, I work as a volunteer for Tri County Wildlife Care, serving as their Director of Social Media.

I am a Graphite Certified Educator.

Most recently certified (May 31, 2014) as a Google Educator:
Chromebooks: Passed
Chrome Browser: Passed
Gmail: Passed
Sites: Passed
Calendar: Passed
Docs & Drive: Passed

I've completed 16 course modules on the use of the SmartBoard through CoursePark:
•Assessing Best Practices for Lesson Development
•Collecting, Organizing and Presenting Related Files
•Creating Active Learning Opportunities
•Developing Problem Solving Skills in Math
•Enhancing Student-Centered Instruction
•Enriching a Lesson with Multimedia
•Focusing Student Attention in an Inclusive Classroom
•Integrating Your Favorite Websites into Your Teaching
•Introduction to SMART Notebook and the SMART Board
•Introduction to SMART Response
•Teaching Actively with Video
•Using Collaborative Activities to Guide Independent Work
•Using Diagnostic Assessments to Improve Your Teaching
•Using Technology to Increase Your Teaching Efficiency
•Investigating a Topic through Storytelling
•Introduction to the SMART Table Interactive Learning Center Training and Assessment

I've completed the following online courses through San Joaquin Delta College:
•Creating Web Pages
•Introduction CSS3 and HTML5
•Integrating Technology in the Classroom
•Teaching Smarter with SMART Boards
•Intermediate Microsoft Word 2010 (this is what is now installed on our desktop computers in the student lab)
•Introduction to Lightroom 4
•Introduction to PC Troubleshooting
•Singapore Math Strategies: Model Drawing for Grades 1-6

I've completed the following courses at the New Media Consortium:
•Applications of Social Media for STEMx Teaching!
•InkSurvey: Graphical Response Tool for Real-Time Formative Assessment
•Computational Thinking in K-12 Classrooms
•Pedagogy 3.0: Planning Enriching Digital Experiences
•Make/Hack/Play Together
•Flipping Your Class: An Analytics-Based Approach
•Exploring STEM Competencies Through ePortfolios

I'm certified as a STEMx Expert through NMC.

I've completed these webinars:
*Video Creations as Demonstrations of Learning
*Strategies for Teaching Students How to Write a Summary
*Using Technology to Break Away from Traditional Assessments
*Empowering Students to be Digital Citizens
*Inquiry-Based learning
*Preparing Students for the ELA Common Core Assessment
*Teaching Persuasive Writing
*Using Comics and Digital Storytelling to teach Digital Citizenship
*Social Media: An Essential Tool for K-12 Classrooms
*Safety Tools and Tips with NetSmartz
*iPhone for Educators
*PowerPoint Design Master Class
*Del Mar Union School District Drives Student Success with Chromebooks
*E-Rate is on it way. E-rate reform

I also take online courses through Udemy.com:
Gmail and Google Chrome Productivity Essentials
HTML and CSS for Beginners
Online Course Profits
How to Use Instagram for Business
The Basics of Google+ --The Next Big Social Network
Google Calendar

I maintain a digital portfolio at http://elisabeth-anderson.4ormat.com

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February 7, 2014

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