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Darci L.
Technology coordinator
Holy Family Schools
Lindsay, United States
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Hi, I’m Mrs Lindgren. I’ve been working at Holy Family since 2001, and really enjoy rebuilding computers for our students and faculty to use. Teaching internet safety is one of my passions.

    Employed at Holy Family School since 2001    NETA (Nebraska Educational Technology Association) Secretary    Former Computer Programmer/computer repair technician/bookkeeper with 15 years experience    Received Nebraska Substitute Teacher’s certificate in 2010.    Completed I-Safe Internet Safety Train the Trainer certification in 2003    Became a Certified Common Sense Media Educator in 2014.    Network Administrator    E-Rate filing    NSSRS database management    Sycamore Education SIS administrator    Desktop and Laptop refurbishing    Free and Low cost software resource implementation    Web design and maintenance    Presented at Regional, State, and National Educational Computer Conferences for the past 15 years

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Create Personalized Emogi
Arts, Health & Wellness
Grade 5 – 6
5 steps
September 24, 2015

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