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Sweetwater High School
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My name is Art Lopez and I live in the county of San Diego, California. I live in Chula Vista with my beautiful fiancée and her son and we enjoy spending time together, going to movies, cooking great meals, and enjoying our two wonderful dogs.

I teach Computer Science Principles and Computer Applications at Sweetwater High School, in National City, CA. I am a pilot instructor and curriculum writer for the College Board for the pilot AP Computer Science Principles course. I am a member of ComPASS/CE21, which is the group that provides the curriculum for what is taught in the CSP course. This group includes the University of California, San Diego, San Diego State University, and the San Diego Super Computer Science Education center.

I am a member of CalTAC, the California Teacher’s Advisory Council for STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math) for the California Council of Science and Technology. As a member of CalTAC, I help advise the council on providing opportunities for teachers to use digital tools in the classroom, connect innovators to enable the sharing and advancement of new ideas, and to help advise the California Council on Science and Technology educational policies and initiatives regarding Computer Science Education and Curriculum.

I am also a trainer and teach teachers in the Sweetwater Union High School District for teaching the Computer Science Principles course. I am also a member of the San Diego Chapter of the Computer Science Teachers Association, and of CUE, the Computer Using Educators Association, which is really cool!

My educational background is in Educational Technology (Masters degree in Ed Tech from San Diego State University and Bachelor’s degree in Science in Management Science, from the University of California, San Diego). I received my teaching credential from San Diego State University, and I can teach Computer Science, Computer Applications, and Economics.

My passion and goals are to provide a high quality education for the students of Sweetwater High School, the Sweetwater Union High School District, and the state of California. Specifically, I think it is really important to have every student take a class in Computer Science, because they (and us) will be using computers the rest of their lives in academics, future careers, and personal lives. I think learning about computing and computational thinking is just as important as learning how to read, write, and do math. I hope that all students learn a lot and enjoy Computer Science courses!

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February 13, 2015

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