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I never thought of myself as a techie. My brother is a Systems Adminstrator and my husband is a computer programmer, so before I began teaching I thought myself technologically illiterate, imagine my surprise when collegues began asking me for technology assistance and I could actually help them!

I'm a big fan of Google Aps for Education, and have attended GAFE summits in Palo Alto. I find Google Aps provide the framework my students need to communicate and learn in the 21st century. I am very active on Google+ and am a Google Glass explorer. I also strive to be googley in my teaching methods. I honor my students creativity, ingenuity and hard work. I want to instill them with a feeling that the world is full of possiblities. All we have to do is find and explore them.

I am a Teacher Consultant from the University of Merced Writing project, a California Writing Project Site and affiliate of the National Writing Project, and Madera County teacher of the year. I teach seventh grade ELA and have been working on creating a new Common Core curriculum for my grade level.

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November 12, 2014

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November 11, 2014

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