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Top Tools for Inspiring Integrity

Integrity is taking responsibility for your actions, acting in an honest and sincere manner, and respecting the beliefs and principles of others. Students who develop these skills in the classroom will be able to carry them over to life outside the school walls. Browse the tools below that get students thinking about ethical decisions, standing up against bullying, taking responsibility for their schoolwork, and reflecting inward.  

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Top Picks


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Four little corners

Simple story about shapes showcases problem-solving and inclusion

Bottom line: This cute little story could be a nice launching pad for big discussions about friendship, tolerance, and acceptance.


Easy-to-use reporting tool helps kids report bullying, find adult help

Bottom line: With the right context and a strong school culture, this can be a useful and effective tool for monitoring and combating bullying.


Complete SEL units in a neat and tidy package

Bottom line: Detailed social and emotional learning lessons provide teachers with almost everything they'll need to spark positive character development and reflection in their students.

7 Mindsets

Thought-provoking structured program simplifies SEL skills

Bottom line: If teachers take advantage of the extension activities, students can get great in-depth instruction and practice in SEL skills needed for life.


Messaging platform offers tight focus on school-to-home connection

Bottom line: Well-designed, highly effective messaging tool delivers on its promise to connect home and school.


Compact process for positive praise builds classroom community

Bottom line: Great for a quick bonding activity when led by a positive instructor.

Who Am I? Race Awareness Game

Q&A game gets students talking about diversity honestly, responsibly

Bottom line: Kids learn to ask questions and have open conversations about diversity.

The Wonderment

Ambitious global community aims for public good through student engagement

Bottom line: A powerful, improving social network for exploring the world and effecting positive change.

I Love Potatoes

Adorable social innovation app spurs discussion, collective action

Bottom line: This free app, when used with the extension materials, will help students understand their role in the environment and the economy, and empower them to make change for the better.


Encourage original work and give feedback with this valuable tool

Bottom line: Beyond the convenience factor, it's almost a necessity for the teaching of writing in today's digital world.

Frontiers for Young Minds

Kids and scientists collaborate to create high-quality articles

Bottom line: A well-designed site that keeps kids in mind without sacrificing educational integrity.

Middle School Confidential 1: Be Confident in Who You Are

Appealing graphic novel teaches relatable tween lessons

Bottom line: A compelling read for tweens and teens looking for guidance and understanding of common social situations.

Facing History and Ourselves

A wealth of resources explore racism, prejudice, and anti-Semitism

Bottom line: These valuable materials empower students to understand and address difficult ethical choices -- past and present.


Calendar meets to-do list in versatile multi-platform organization app

Bottom line: Mastering all of the features will take some time, but it's a dynamic app that promotes both individual and team productivity.

Checkology Virtual Classroom

Go-to news literacy site is an excellent primer on media issues

Bottom line: With "fake news" a pressing concern, Checkology's literacy lessons offer essential, if not totally comprehensive, skills to help students evaluate sources.


Insightful, minimalist app gets students tracking emotions and values

Bottom line: A practical tool to use in combination with discussion about emotional intelligence and character development.

Papers, Please

Mature immigration game forces tough ethical choices

Bottom line: It's a provocative simulation about ethics and immigration that could spark debate but might be tough to implement.


Independent website fact-checks political statements

Bottom line: A tool to help students become independent thinkers and question what is said by those in positions of power.

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