Tools for Project-Based Learning

Project-based learning, or PBL, challenges students to design and engage in more authentic, extended, and complex learning. But while PBL is a trusted strategy for increasing student engagement and learning, it's not easy to orchestrate. There are tons of moving pieces, and if you're doing it right, students will be engaging in a variety of interest-driven projects all with various needs and on different schedules. So how do you manage it all? Tech can be a huge help. This list gathers some useful productivity and organization tools that can help both teachers and students keep track of, finish, and assess projects. There are also a few tools designed specifically for PBL, as well as plug-and-play PBL experiences.

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Top Picks


Defined STEM

Stellar collection of STEM resources supports project-based learning

Bottom Line: Excellent, well-thought-out resources for developing problem-solving skills in the classroom.

Dreamdo Schools

Sleek project-based learning platform encourages global connections

Bottom Line: An excellent tool for project-based learning; plan, create, and share learning around the world.


Digital portfolio and management tool for project-based classrooms

Bottom Line: Impressive tool for individualized learning and managing projects is best for 1-to-1 iPad classrooms.

Seesaw: The Learning Journal

Versatile digital portfolio appeals to teachers, students, and parents

Bottom Line: Students can showcase their work in text, pictures, videos, and more.


Find and assign STEAM tasks with dynamic project-based learning hub

Bottom Line: Dynamic resource for finding, creating, and rating lessons that support STEAM and PBL.

PenPal Schools

Collaborative lessons connect students across the globe

Bottom Line: A thoughtful, ready-to-go platform that builds global awareness and collaboration skills by facilitating authentic, cross-cultural PBL experiences.


Ambitious augmented-reality tool engages users, promotes coding skills

Bottom Line: This dynamic tool allows users to create and experience augmented-reality activities while learning 21st-century skills.


Toughest palates can't resist appetizing look at real-world math

Bottom Line: Easy-to-deliver lessons use real-world topics tweens like.


Easy system to submit, review, and store digital assignments

Bottom Line: This is a great way to create a paperless classroom, but its potential for enhancing learning depends completely on how teachers use it.


Impressive organizational tool has limitless uses

Bottom Line: This free information-management tool can help kids become tech-savvy and learn to better organize their digital lives.


Flexible note-taking tool empowers learners of all abilities

Bottom Line: An excellent tool that lets students make their notes thorough and useful in the way that best suits their learning styles and abilities.


Create, organize, assess sleek digital portfolios

Bottom Line: A simple PBL tool that promotes digital literacy and lets kids create flexible, accessible digital portfolios.

Project Foundry

Helpful, yet complex, management tool for project-based learning

Bottom Line: A powerful, though sometimes complex, tool for providing inquiry-based, student-centered learning.


Slick portfolio tool has cool features, limited feedback options

Bottom Line: A neat tool for publishing online, possibly better suited to teacher content creation than student publishing.

Meridian Stories

Unique challenges for great learning; site could offer more support

Bottom Line: As a fun opportunity for students to showcase their learning in creative ways, the site could offer more direction and incentives to participate.


Powerful tool for creating collaborative websites

Bottom Line: is a rare, collaborative Web tool that's both powerful and accessible.

Educurious (with LMS)

Spark deep curiosity with PBL courses that connect life and learning

Bottom Line: Get kids involved in learning that really matters to them with these interactive, inquiry-based units.

Google Drive

Nifty tool for collaboratively editing docs and syncing files across devices or online

Bottom Line: Google Drive is a smart choice for budget-conscious schools, with its free productivity tools and file syncing.

Solid blogging tool and content management system offers DIY blogs

Bottom Line: This is a great tool to get kids blogging and creating online content.

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