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Best Nutrition and Health Apps for Kids

These health and nutrition focused apps, games, and sites give kids the straight dope on a host of essential and often taboo topics about bodies.

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LeapFrog Explorer Learning Game: Disney Doc McStuffins

Nurture sick toys while learning about health and hygiene

Bottom line: A warm and inviting game for preschoolers to learn about healthy living.

Super Stretch Yoga HD

Appealing videos inspire kids to move their bodies in new ways

Bottom line: No-stress introduction to 12 yoga poses and the importance of good breathing captures kids' attention and gets them moving.

This is my Food - Nutrition for Kids

Fun activities serve bite-sized lessons about food and nutrition

Bottom line: A tool that inspires kids to eat healthy, making it fun to learn about nutrition.

BrainPOP Jr.

Top-notch educational videos a boon for elementary school teachers

Bottom line: BrainPOP Jr. sets the bar for top-quality online learning supplements.

Fizzy's Lunch Lab

Professor Fizzy and crew make it fun to be healthy

Bottom line: Fun games and informative videos get kids excited about nutritious eating and healthy lifestyle habits.


Brief bursts of physical exercise add classroom fun, build brain power

Bottom line: In a genre of its own, GoNoodle is a ready-to-go and classroom-friendly exercise program that challenges students to get moving.


Fun, practical tips and tools for a nutritious, well-balanced diet

Bottom line: Great way for kids to take charge of their nutrition that will work best if parents are also involved.

I Got This: An Interactive Story

Interactive story explores diabetes health issues, lacks depth

Bottom line: A kid-friendly way to teach an important message about healthy living, but a missed opportunity to fully engage kids with assessment or gameplay.

Monster Heart Medic

Brilliant medical sim engages kids, promotes heart-healthy lifestyle

Bottom line: Fun, engaging adventure teaches kids about the cardiovascular system, medical diagnostics, and the importance of a healthy lifestyle.

Space Chef

Nutrition game presents healthy foods and good habits, little else

Bottom line: Space Chef introduces students to healthy ingredients and recipes in a fun way, but important facts and rationales are separate from the game itself.


Guided lessons focus on the brain, encourage a growth mindset

Bottom line: Wonderful, easy-to-use lessons spur self-reflection and a growth mindset in students.


Clever animated hosts Tim and Moby masterfully tackle complex topics

Bottom line: Cartoon videos in this extensive collection break down ideas in clever and thoughtful ways.


Support kids' sense of wonder with outstanding short videos

Bottom line: Excellent, engaging videos and support for flipped-class lessons with an incredible community of thinkers and doers.


Quirky, funny videos give thoughtful answers to kids' sex-ed questions

Bottom line: An appealingly down-to-earth way to help kids face tough questions about navigating the challenges of puberty.

Center for Young Women's Health

Maturely covers difficult physical and mental health issues

Bottom line: Girls can go here to get answers on health and wellness issues that affect them.

iTooch 6th Grade Health

Comprehensive lessons, quizzes offer solid content and whimsical style

Bottom line: This comprehensive tool covers a wide range of serious health topics for adolescents.

POX: Save the People

Engrossing strategy game offers lessons in public health

Bottom line: POX: Save the People is an incredible game of strategy, collaboration, and public health education.

Young Men's Health

Straightforward health info; no-frills site could do more to engage

Bottom line: It's a smart place to find accurate, no-nonsense health guides for young men, but don't expect many engaging features.

Sex, Etc.

Reliable, unbiased sex ed site keeps it real for teens

Bottom line: An engaging and informative destination for sex ed teachers and students.

Solve the Outbreak

Become a disease detective -- read clues, analyze data, save lives

Bottom line: Solve the Outbreak is a free, engaging resource that teaches kids about disease control and prevention.

Go Ask Alice!

Great health website answers teens' icky questions

Bottom line: Go Ask Alice! delivers an encyclopedic amount of health information in a relatable voice.

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