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Best Biology Apps and Websites for Students

Amp up animal acumen and power up plant knowledge with tech tools that look at the science of life. Biology encompasses a number of disciplines, including anatomy, botany, microbiology, zoology, genetics, and more. Students will find resources here that address all of them, whether they're looking at 3D models of a cell or performing investigations on animal behavior. From endangered species to the secrets of the ocean and games that give kids a new perspective, these tools will get kids hooked on the world of living things.

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MarcoPolo Ocean

Young explorers discover oceans through puzzles and free play

Bottom line: This fun app helps kids gain an appreciation for the waters that cover much of the Earth's surface.

Common Sense Selection

Nico & Nor Wonder Farm

Fun and engaging app will help basic plant growth concepts take root

Bottom line: There's little doubt that this app will help students understand the basics of plant growth, especially if the included lessons are used.


Useful science resource aggregator promotes diverse lessons

Bottom line: Despite a few broken links, the site's easy and well-organized access to thousands of quality science activities is a valuable teacher resource.

Mammals by Tinybop

Anatomy exploration app most effective with teacher guidance

Bottom line: Students will learn the most from this fun free-explore app when teachers follow the included guide and supplement with their own lessons.

Mystery Science

Big questions, kids' curiosity drive impressive science curriculum

Bottom line: Powerful, quirky science units encourage inquiry and experimentation, inspiring students to ask and answer big questions.

World Book's World of Animals

Impressive multimedia encyclopedia of animals

Bottom line: Rich animal resource has lots of science, research, and writing applications.


Super STEM, social studies resource with highly customizable content

Bottom line: Making content accessible to kids with different learning styles, CK-12 could be the key to mastery for some students.


Impressive, interactive 3D models augment classroom learning

Bottom line: While some models are lower resolution and less appealing, Lifeliqe is still a no-brainer for supplying mostly clear, professional 3D models for deep investigation.

PhET Interactive Simulations

Massive collection of excellent (and free!) science and math simulations

Bottom line: Instantly add meaningful lab experiences to math and science classrooms for exactly $0? It's tough to beat that.

Wisconsin Fast Plants

Easiest way to use plants in K-12 science classrooms

Bottom line: Detailed resource and support website for those teaching science through plants.

NAMOO - Wonders of Plant Life

Gorgeous hands-on 3D plant app will spark understanding

Bottom line: This educational plant app illustrates lessons and engages students much better than any textbook or video.


Realistic, appealing simulations deliver superb science content

Bottom line: Definitely one for your “love it” list, the site helps kids simulate science and engineering career activities while covering related content.

Common Sense Selection

ExploreLearning Gizmos

Vast array of impressive, interactive science and math simulations

Bottom line: This powerful and extensive set of math and science tools puts the learning in students' hands.

Common Sense Selection

Mosa Mack Science

Engaging design challenges turn kids into actual science detectives

Bottom line: A thorough, engaging way to weave some engineering into your middle school science lessons.

Crazy Plant Shop

Shop sim makes Punnett squares playful

Bottom line: Key science skills and competencies serve not as add-ons to the game but core mechanics, allowing genetics learning to occur naturally through play.

Common Sense Selection


Microscope attachment for mobile devices inspires field investigation

Bottom line: The use of stickers instead of slides helps students examine their world at the microscopic level with safety and convenience.


Virtual labs epitomize the NGSS Science and Engineering Practices

Bottom line: Earth, life, and physical science simulations coach kids through the NGSS Practices.

The Explorers

Eco-minded app's quality visual content might inspire deeper learning

Bottom line: The wide range of cool content is sure to fascinate students, but teachers will need to make sure that interest leads to deeper learning and research experiences.

Encyclopedia of Life

Superb crowdsourced knowledge bank teems with life for kid biologists

Bottom line: It's jam-packed with vetted information on all living things; kids can become part of a vibrant community of science-minded folks.

Tyto Online

Ambitious science role-playing game has bright future

Bottom line: Diverse characters, immersive experiences, and useful teacher tools make this life science RPG worth checking out.


Captivating catalog of biodiversity with great classroom resources

Bottom line: Powerful images and videos capture kids' attention and make them want to learn more.

Cell and Cell Structure

Visually stunning tool great for supplementing lessons about cells

Bottom line: Cell and Cell Structure is an interactive and engaging reference tool that takes kids on a journey to learn about cells.

Cell Command

Immersive biology game keeps students interested during learning

Bottom line: Students take away a broad knowledge of cell anatomy and function.

CellEnergy Photosynthesis Labs

Interactive carbon cycle labs deepen student understanding

Bottom line: Virtual labs help biology students investigate and model the movement of carbon and energy.


Dreamland of multimedia resources for budding biologists

Bottom line: Biology teachers and students will find a lot of useful multimedia here to help them teach and understand complex genetics topics.


Online science, mastered: exceptional content within meaningful tasks

Bottom line: Serious, sophisticated science engagement -- but be prepared to take some prep time to connect these labs with your classroom.

Re-Mission 2

Six arcade-style games tackle tough subject of cancer

Bottom line: Hours of engaging gameplay will grab even non-gamers and, with some guided reflection, can spur serious learning about the human body.

The Concord Consortium

Vast collection of science resources emphasizes written reflection

Bottom line: A selection of online science simulations paired with a teacher dashboard to track progress.


Flexible, interactive test-prep practice for high school and beyond

Bottom line: A variety of question types and on-the-spot analytics help teachers individualize test-prep practice.

Niche - a genetics survival game

Immersive genetics sim puts evolution in students' hands

Bottom line: This hands-on genetics game allows students to experiment, explore traits, and come away with a sophisticated understanding of the subject.

All About Bird Biology

Stellar videos and games fill a narrow but rich niche in the classroom

Bottom line: Engaging images and info, but more explicit education connections would make this classroom-ready.


High-quality multimedia brings biological research to life

Bottom line: Superb multimedia tools and lesson plans help kids explore biology through real-world examples.

Cogent Education

Think like a scientist: Solve biology case studies

Bottom line: Practice problem-solving skills and learn biology through interactive case studies.


Impressive, advanced virtual biotech labs contain glitches

Bottom line: Take it out for a spin to get a sense of its limitations and those glitches, and then embrace this amazing virtual tool as an introduction, a review, or (sometimes) even a wet-lab replacement.

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