News & Media Literacy

In today's 24/7 digital world, we have instant access to all kinds of information online. Educators need strategies to equip students with the core skills they need to think critically about today's media. We teach foundational skills in news and media literacy through our Digital Citizenship program, specifically through our Creative Credit & Copyright and Information Literacy topics. Built on more than 10 years of expertise and classroom testing, these lessons and related teaching materials give students the essential skills to be smart, savvy media consumers and creators. From lesson plans about fact-checking to clickbait headlines and fake news, we've covered everything. To learn more about our approach, read the Topic Backgrounder on news and media literacy.

This toolkit includes our best educational content on news and media literacy all in one place:
Teaching tools and lessons by topic
Take-home student activities
Videos and interactive educational games
Supplemental materials for family engagement
Professional development for teachers
Materials available in multiple formats (low-tech and high-tech)

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