How can teachers and students better protect their online privacy?

Student data privacy is a complex issue that can baffle the best of us, but have no fear! There are some simple things any teacher can do to quickly identify and manage online privacy risks, protect student confidentiality, and be more FERPA- and COPPA-compliant. Learn these basic digital citizenship habits and then model them for your students.

Quick Privacy Checks Anyone Can Do: Tutorial Video and Student Worksheet

Cheat Sheet: Protecting Students' Online Privacy

Online privacy is complicated, but there's some quick checks anyone can do to evaluate edtech...

Student Worksheet (Gr. 8-12) : Protect Your Privacy

Use this worksheet to help build students' internet safety and critical thinking skills....

Privacy Lesson Plans for Elementary and High School Classrooms

Lesson Plan: Privacy Rules (Gr. 3-5)

Students learn that websites must protect their private information, and to identify these secure...
Source: Common Sense

Lesson Plan: What's the Big Deal About Internet Privacy (Gr. 9-12)

Students explore the concept of privacy in their everyday lives, and as it relates to using the...
Source: Common Sense

Social Media Tips for Teachers and Schools

Social Media Privacy Infographic

Social media can be a great classroom tool for modeling what good digital citizenship looks like....

Chromebook and Google Account Privacy Settings: Step-by-Step Instructions

Set Good Privacy Habits: EdTech Privacy Evaluations and Tools to Check Out

Privacy Evaluations

Explore our in-depth privacy evaluations of 100+ popular edtech tools.
Source: Common Sense

The Five Days of Privacy

Ready to protect your privacy daily? Here are some tools to try and simple steps to take.
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