How can empathy help students change the world?

Our students are facing a future full of big problems to solve. These solutions require a deep, compassionate understanding that's only found through empathy. Digital tools -- while not the answer to inspiring this empathy -- can help students take perspective, collaborate with others, and design solutions.

Teacher Resources for Turning Empathy into Action

Tip Sheet: Turning Students' Empathy Into Action With Digital Tools

Download and print this tip sheet on using digital tools to help kids build social and...

Empathy in Action: How Teachers Prepare Future Citizens

Dr. Marilyn Price-Mitchell offers six ways teachers can cultivate empathy and become more...
Source: Edutopia

Empathy-Building Tools and Activities

We All Teach SEL: Empathy Activities and Tools for Students

Resources to help foster empathy in every classroom, every day.
Games That Build Social and Emotional Skills

Games That Build Social and Emotional Skills

Encourage your students to expand emotionally through play.

Extra Resources for Inspiring Empathy in Your Classroom

Empathy vs. Sympathy

In this animated short video, Dr Brené Brown explains how empathy is different from sympathy...
Source: The RSA