Can we organize group work so that every student has ownership over their learning?

Teachers and researchers agree: student collaboration is essential to learning. Group work, on the other hand, tends to come with challenges. Some students feel like they do all the work, others feel left out, motivation wanes, and teachers see assignments as just cobbled together. So, what makes for better group work? Here, we’ll highlight some tips on how to make students’ group work more relevant and impactful for everyone involved.

Put a New Spin on Students' Group Work and Collaboration

Group Work Roles That Promote Shared Ownership

Organize students' group work so that everyone has a piece to own. 

3 Ways to Improve Your Group Work Lesson Plan

Help your students take more ownership over classroom collaboration.

Tech Tools to Foster Shared Responsibility and Positive Collaboration

3 Great Brainstorming Websites for Group Projects

3 Great Brainstorming Websites for Group Projects

Support students' teamwork with these visual productivity tools that promote online collaboration.

Further Reading and Research on Collaboration and Working in Groups

What Google Learned From Its Quest to Build the Perfect Team

Read what Google researchers found when they asked what makes great groups tick ...
Source: The New York Times Magazine

Group & Cooperative Learning; Students as Classroom Leaders

From Harvard's ABLConnect, a helpful breakdown of the research behind cooperative...
Source: Harvard University ABLConnect

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Giving Everybody a Stake in Collaborative Group Work

What strategies can we use to promote more equity in collaborative group work?

Helping Students Take More Ownership Over Their Learning

Share the strategies you've used to get all students more involved in group work.