Do games designed for entertainment have a place in the classroom?

Educational games for the classroom have been around a long time. But these aren't the only games teachers and students can use in school. Popular, entertainment-focused games also can drive deep learning. But what's the best way to use the games kids already play at home in your classroom? Here you'll find practical tips on how to harness the learning value in any game, including those you might not expect to see in school.

Essential Strategies and Tools for Game-Based Learning

Cheat Sheet: Make Any Game Educational

Three great tips on how to see the learning potential in any game.
The Most Engaging Games for the Classroom

The Most Engaging Games for the Classroom

Great games that'll hook students, plus promote critical thinking and offer opportunities for deep learning.

Classroom Implementation Resources for Game-Based Learning

3 Ways to Use Game-Based Learning

Middle school teacher and blogger, Matthew Farber, offers unique approaches for...
Source: Edutopia

How to Teach With Games eBook

This post from Filament Games includes a free, downloadable eBook packed with resources to help...
Source: Filament Games

Gone Home Lesson 1: Writes of Passage, Annotating a Foyer...

Paul Darvasi, a high school teacher, shows how he uses Gone Home in his classroom.
Source: Ludic Learning

Using Minecraft as an Educational Tool

A look at one school's approach to addressing digital citizenship by using games in the...
Source: Edutopia

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Quality educational games are rare; games for learning are everywhere

Games that drive deep learning come in many shapes and sizes.

Poster: 7 Principles of Game-Like Learning

Download, print, and post these guiding principles to support a more playful classroom.
Source: The Institute of Play