Do device bans undermine 21st Century learning?

Digital devices put the world at our students' fingertips, whether with their own cell phones or with school-provided computers and tablets. But, along with opportunities for powerful learning come the risks -- and realities -- of distraction. So, what are the best ways to manage digital distraction in the classroom? Here, you’ll find practical tips on supporting students and modeling productive 21st Century learning.

Strategies and Tools to Manage Digital Distraction

Cheat Sheet: Dealing With Digital Distraction

Check out our top strategies for helping students focus on what matters most in their learning.
Classroom-Management Apps and Websites

Classroom-Management Apps and Websites

Motivate, manage, and maintain a great classroom.

Device Management Tips

Tips and Tricks for Managing Devices in the Classroom

Tips and Tricks for Managing Devices in the Classroom

Practical advice for painless device management.

Customizable Device Contract

Support parents and students who want to find the right balance for device use at home.
Source: Common Sense Education

Digital Citizenship

Our K-12 Digital Citizenship Curriculum

It's all here, from lesson plans and interactives to professional development and family...
Source: Common Sense Education

1-to-1 Essentials: Encouraging Digital Citizenship

Meaningful technology integration requires teaching students to think critically, behave safely,...

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Don't Make a Ban Have a Plan

Consider how a prudent device plan can promote deeper, 21st Century learning.

Don't Be an Adversary Be an Advocate

Promote positive relationship building in the classroom, with or without devices.