Can authentic digital communication boost ELLs' language acquisition?

English-language learners come to us with a diverse set of learning needs, including the necessity for more opportunities to practice using English in a variety of settings. But can digital communication help increase ELLs' language output? Here you'll find practical tips on using digital-creation and storytelling activities in ways that empower authentic communication, both in the classroom and beyond. What's more, these types of activities can be just as engaging and productive for all students, regardless of literacy level or language-learner status.

Strategies for Digital Storytelling with English-Language Learners

Cheat Sheet: Amplify Your ELLs' Voices

Three tips to help you boost your ELLs' language output.

Empowering ELLs With Digital Stories

Blogger, Rusul Alrubail, discusses the benefits, and offers tips on getting ...
Source: Teaching Tolerance
3 Reasons Why Your ELLs Need Arts Integration

3 Reasons Why Your ELLs Need Arts Integration

Arts integration can help lower kids' affective filters and boost their confidence.
How to Integrate EdTech into Your ELL Classroom

How to Integrate EdTech into Your ELL Classroom

Quality edtech for ELLs isn't easy to find, but great options do exist.

Digital Storytelling Apps, Games, and Websites

Top Tools for Dynamic Digital Storytelling

Top Tools for Dynamic Digital Storytelling

Make it easy for students to share learning with these apps and websites for multimedia creation.

6 Storytelling Apps That Get English Language Learners Talking

How to design speaking activities that won't cause students so much anxiety.
Source: MindShift

Share to Inspire Others!

As teachers of ELLs we shouldn't be the only audience...

Consider how an authentic audience can give a boost to students' learning and communication.

Amplify your ELLs' voices in your classroom and beyond.

Help give everyone in your classroom an audience and the voice they deserve.