Student Badges

Reward your students’ hard work and achievements with Common Sense’s student badges. Download these files and award them through your learning management system or favorite online badging tool. You always can go old-school and print these images on labels as stickers too! Use the following criteria as guidelines, but feel free to raise the bar as you see fit. Each zip file contains all relevant badges in the following image sizes: 75x75, 200x200, and 450x450.

Digital Citizenship Unit Assessment Badges

3 Unit Badges for K–2; 3 Unit Badges for Grades 3–5; 3 Unit Badges for Grades 6–8; 4 Unit Badges for Grades 9–12

After you administer a Digital Citizenship Unit Assessment online, recognize your students' achievement by awarding them with the corresponding unit badge. We recommend setting a threshold for achievement -- for example, 85% or above plus satisfactory open-ended responses. Download All Unit Badges for K–2, Download All Unit Badges for Grades 3–5, Download All Unit Badges for Grades 6–8, Download All Unit Badges for Grades 9–12

K-2 Unit 1

K-2 Unit 2

K-2 Unit 3

3-5 Unit 1

3-5 Unit 2

3-5 Unit 3

6-8 Unit 1

6-8 Unit 2

6-8 Unit 3

9-12 Unit 1

9-12 Unit 2

9-12 Unit 3

9-12 Unit 4

Digital Compass Badges

3 Badges for Stories, 3 Badges for Mini-games

Take a look at your students' scorecards, and recognize their progress and achievement in each of Digital Compass' eight stories with these story and mini-game badges. Download All Badges for Digital Compass

Game Badge - Gold

Game Badge - Silver

Game Badge - Bronze

Progress Badge - Gold

Progress Badge - Silver

Progress Badge - Bronze

Digital Bytes Badges

16 Total Badges

Award your teens for completing a module, which includes 5 steps: writing a reflection, watching a case study video, engaging in a meaningfully discussion, completing an activity, and capturing their work process/final project on video and sharing it with their peer group. Download All Badges for Digital Bytes

Copy Paste Culture



Gender and the Media

Haters and Trolls


Internet Hoaxes

Micro Lingo

Movers and Shakers

Myselfie, Myself

News Literacy

Online Tracking

The Power of Likes

Selling Out

Step Forward

Would you #YOLO?

Digital Passport Badges

5 Total Badges

Award your students for successfully completing three rounds of online gameplay, with a score of 85% or above, and for completing the accompanying collaborative Mission offline. Download All Badges for Digital Passport



Share Jumper

Search Shark