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5 Essential Media Literacy Questions for Kids


All media comes with an author and an agenda. Whether in the classroom or at home, help kids think critically about any media they view with critical questions that dig below the surface. Use these five essential questions as a s…

ExploreLearning Reflex in 30 Seconds


​Is ExploreLearning Reflex the right math program for your elementary students? This quick video aims to help you find an answer. In just 30 seconds, find out about Reflex's unique adaptive activities that help students build mat…

Teen Voices: Friendships and Boundaries


Students listen to other teens' thoughts and feelings about having and maintaining boundaries in friendships online, in a world of being constantly connected.

¿Qué es el ciberbullying?


Algo que es lamentablemente cierto sobre el Internet: algunos espacios en línea pueden estar llenos de acciones negativas, groseras o malintencionadas, pero ¿califican este tipo de acciones como ciberbullying? Ayuda a tus alumnos…

¿Qué es el funcionamiento ejecutivo?


Los niños desarrollan habilidades llamadas “funciones ejecutivas”. Estas habilidades nos permiten hacer planes, controlar impulsos y más. En este video, aprenderás qué es el funcionamiento ejecutivo y cómo se relaciona con el uso…

10 Great Movies for the STEM Classroom


A great way to get students excited about STEM (science, technology, engineering, and math), is to show them the ways that popular media uses -- and misuses -- the concepts you teach daily. Used as part of a lesson, clips from mo…

10 Great YouTube Channels for Teaching Video Essays


With more than 7 billion videos on YouTube, it can be challenging to curate what's best for your classroom. But amid all of the frivolous, silly, or even obnoxious content, there are gems to be found. On top of this, some truly u…

10 Middle School Movies For Teaching SEL in the Classroom


The best films move us to think and feel in ways we’ve never imagined. They can make us both laugh and cry, and they help us learn more about ourselves and how we relate to others. Of course, many popular movies deal with social …

10 Summer Movies to Broaden Kids' Perspectives


​Summer movies tend to be action-packed, filled with high-speed chases, shoot-outs, explosions, and over-the-top fight scenes. But many summer movies also offer valuable opportunities for out-of-school learning. Students can bene…

3 Great Ways to Get Students Coding in the Classroom


Learning to code in school is more popular than ever, and it's never been easier to get started. What's more, coding can teach skills that apply across the curriculum, beyond computer science. So what's the best way to get your s…

3 Tips for Great Formative Assessment


Unlock the full potential of formative assessment in your classroom! Check out these tips for how to use formative assessment apps and games such as Kahoot, Socrative, Plickers, and Poll Everywhere to check for understandin…

3 Ways to Build Empathy with Digital Tools


Can your students build empathy skills even while using technology? Yes! In fact, exercises that help students build empathy in digital spaces are a crucial part of positive social and emotional learning. Plus, using empathy skil…

4 Steps to Create a Tech-Rich Lesson Plan


Using technology is quite different from teaching with technology. Check out four steps you can follow to design tech-rich lesson plans.

5 Steps to Using Video Effectively in Teaching


Using video in the classroom is as easy as pressing play, right? Check out step-by-step instructions on how you can use video effectively in your teaching, and encourage your students to be active viewers rather than passiv…

6 Ways to Help Your Kids Stop Multitasking During Homework


Are your kids multitasking during homework? Here are six tips to help them focus on one activity at a time.