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AI Explained


What is AI and how does it work? And is generative AI the same thing? (Spoiler alert: it's not!) We'll break it down for you and have you considering benefits and drawbacks of this rapidly evolving technology.

Above The Noise: How Your Brain Tricks You Into Negative Thinking


Ever find yourself in a negative thinking spiral? Of course you have! It’s human nature. Cognitive distortions aka thinking traps – are basically exaggerated or irrational negative thought patterns that can lead us to believe thi…

Social Media: Is Your Breaking News Broken?


The internet and social media give us tools to find out what’s happening almost instantly – sometimes even in real time. But how much can we trust the breaking news we see online? In this video, hear from two experts on the topic…

La tecnología y tus emociones


Los estudiantes se aprenderán un poema para reflexionar sobre las emociones que sienten cuando usan los medios y la tecnología.

How Does Technology Make You Feel?


Students learn a poem to help them reflect upon different feelings they might experience when using technology.

Above the Noise: How Apps Use Design Tricks To Hook You


Ever find yourself losing track of time while you’re on your phone? Well, that’s not by accident. Our favorite apps are intentionally designed to keep us on them as long as possible so tech companies can gather data from us about…

Device Advice: How to Care for Your Device

Whether it’s your first school-issued device, or you’re a device expert, we can all use a few simple reminders for how to be responsible. Join the Digital Citizens as they teach us ways we can care for our devices.

Device Advice: Why We Pause for People


When we take a pause from our devices, it shows people we care and prepares us to actively listen to others. Join the Digital Citizens as they show us the importance of pausing our devices to give people our full attention.

Device Advice: Managing Device Distractions


There are so many fun things to do on our devices, but at times, that can make them a bit of a distraction. Join Head and Arms as they teach us ways to refocus our attention and manage device distractions.

Digital Citizenship for Every School


Common Sense Education provides schools with a free, research-based Digital Citizenship Curriculum for grades K–12. Listen to educators describe how the curriculum has positively affected their students and transformed their scho…

Common Sense Education's Ambassador of the Year, 2023: Leticia Citizen


Please join us in celebrating our 2023 Common Sense Education Ambassador of the Year, Leticia Citizen! This annual honor is given to a Common Sense Education Ambassador who's shown exceptional dedication and commitment to thei…

SEL in Digital Life Resource Center


Help students manage their emotions, understand others’ perspectives, build positive relationships, and make caring and responsible decisions online and in life with quick, CASEL-aligned activities from Common Sense Education’s n…

Mi vecindario en línea


El poder del internet permite a los jóvenes conocer y ver lugares que no pueden visitar en persona. Pero, igual como viajar en la vida real, es importante que los jóvenes se mantengan seguros cuando “viajen” por las redes. En est…

Kahoot! in 30 seconds


Wondering if Kahoot! is right for your classroom? This super quick video gives you the need-to-know info about this popular formative assessment tool. 

9 Great Documentaries for the Middle School Classroom


If you want to get your students’ attention, show them how an issue affects real people. Ranging from bullying to STEM to autism, the topics tackled in these documentary movies can open kids' eyes and encourage discussion. And wh…