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Información privada y personal


Es natural que nuestros alumnos disfruten compartir y conectarse con otros, pero compartir información en línea a veces puede conllevar riesgos. Entonces, ¿cómo enseñamos a los niños a construir relaciones sólidas, positivas y se…

Private and Personal Information


Students learn the difference between what personal things they can safely share online and private information that should not be shared.

Meet the Digital Citizens: Arms


Coming soon! Meet the Digital Citizens is a six-part video series featuring our digital citizenship characters: Arms, Heart, Guts, Feet, Legs, and Head! These six characters are part of our K-3 lesson plans, and each represents a…

Teen Voices: Presenting Yourself Online


Students hear from teens about the benefits and drawbacks of presenting themselves differently (or even anonymously) to others online, and consider what it means to "be yourself" in digital spaces.

Teen Voices: Hate Speech Online


Students hear teens share their candid thoughts about xenophobia and online hate speech, including why they think it happens and ways to respond.

Digital Citizenship Week 2022!


Help students take ownership of their digital lives using Common Sense Education’s free, research-backed, and award-winning K–12 Digital Citizenship Curriculum.

Social Media Test Drive


Social media is central to how young people communicate and socialize with each other. Learn more about Social Media TestDrive, an immersive simulator that prepares students to deal with the challenges of being on social media, f…

3 Great Ways to Get Students Coding in the Classroom


Learning to code in school is more popular than ever, and it's never been easier to get started. What's more, coding can teach skills that apply across the curriculum, beyond computer science. So what's the best way to get your s…

Creativity, Copyright and Fair Use


As creators, we need to be aware of copyright law and the appropriate ways to use original work responsibly with fair use. Being a creator means giving credit where credit is due, and getting credit for your original work!

Digital Citizenship in the UK


Common Sense Education provides digital citizenship lessons for UK learners that meet the best practice recommendations of Education for a Connected World. View our curriculum

Expert Interview: Nichole Pinkard and Akili Lee, Digital Youth Network


The Digital Youth Network is a digital literacy program that gives students on Chicago's South Side the skills and tools they need to be media creators -- and critical media consumers. So what can teachers and parents across the …

Expert Interview: Howard Gardener


In this expert interview, Common Sense Media met with renowned educator and psychologist Howard Gardner of the Harvard Graduate School of Education. We talked about his latest research on digital media, his views on ethics, his a…

Expert Interview: Katie Salen


In this expert interview, we sat down with Katie Salen (Director of Institute of Play and associate professor in the Design and Technology department at the Parsons School of Design) to talk about kids and "play" to help us bette…

Expert Interview: Henry Jenkins


Do you wonder how kids are being affected by growing up in a globally interconnected, multicultural, participatory world? In this expert interview, Henry Jenkins (Provost's Professor of Communication, Journalism, and Cinematic Ar…