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SEL in Digital Life Resource Center


Help students manage their emotions, understand others’ perspectives, build positive relationships, and make caring and responsible decisions online and in life with quick, CASEL-aligned activities from Common Sense Education’s n…

Somos los Ciudadanos Digitales


Los niños explorarán las maravillosas oportunidades que brinda el uso de la tecnología. También aprenderán de los Ciudadanos Digitales, quienes se comprometen a ser responsables, respetuosos y mantenerse seguros al viajar por el …

Pausa y piensa en la red


De la cabeza a los dedos de tus pies y de tus pies a tu nariz, los Ciudadanos Digitales le enseñan a los niños sobre la importancia de la seguridad, responsabilidad, y el respeto en línea.

El balance de los medios es importante


Los Ciudadanos Digitales exploran el balance de los medios, enseñándole a los niños a ser conscientes sobre el uso de la tecnología y cómo los hace sentir.

10 Summer Movies to Broaden Kids' Perspectives


​Summer movies tend to be action-packed, filled with high-speed chases, shoot-outs, explosions, and over-the-top fight scenes. But many summer movies also offer valuable opportunities for out-of-school learning. Students can bene…

10 Middle School Movies For Teaching SEL in the Classroom


The best films move us to think and feel in ways we’ve never imagined. They can make us both laugh and cry, and they help us learn more about ourselves and how we relate to others. Of course, many popular movies deal with social …

How Does Social Media Impact Students?


Once you post something online, it's permanent. Yet many students don't realize the reality and repercussions of this fact. Hear an assistant principal describe the importance of students learning how posting things online not on…

3 Ways to Build Empathy with Digital Tools


Can your students build empathy skills even while using technology? Yes! In fact, exercises that help students build empathy in digital spaces are a crucial part of positive social and emotional learning. Plus, using empathy skil…

9 Great Documentaries for the Middle School Classroom


If you want to get your students’ attention, show them how an issue affects real people. Ranging from bullying to STEM to autism, the topics tackled in these documentary movies can open kids' eyes and encourage discussion. And wh…

9 Great Documentaries for High School Classrooms


If you want to get your students' attention, show them how an issue affects real people. Whether it's an issue like bullying, racism, poverty, or economics, the topics tackled in these documentaries can open kids' eyes and encour…