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Teen Voices: Presenting Yourself Online


Students hear from teens about the benefits and drawbacks of presenting themselves differently (or even anonymously) to others online, and consider what it means to "be yourself" in digital spaces.

The Power of Words


Help your students build empathy by learning how the words they use online are indeed powerful, and show them strategies they can use when they encounter cyberbullying.

Screen Time: How Much Is Too Much?


Is screen time good or bad for us? Students explore what the scientific research says about screen time, and consider that it's not just about the time spent but the quality of the time.

Rings of Responsibility


Students learn about a framework -- the Rings of Responsibility -- to understand how to balance their responsibilities to themselves and others in the digital world.

Teen Voices: The Pressure to Stay Connected


Students hear what other teens have to say about how digital media has them feeling "hooked," then think critically about their own digital media use.

Digital Life 101


Students learn all the ways we consume, create, and share digital media in our daily lives, then reflect on its omnipresence.

Mi equilibrio de medios


Todos los días, tomamos decisiones sobre los medios que consumimos y creamos, pero, ¿entienden realmente los niños qué hace que sus decisiones sobre los medios sean sanas o no? Una pista: se trata de mucho más que el tiempo que p…

My Media Balance


Students learn a framework for making informed media choices and to help them find healthy media balance in their lives.

Anillos de responsabilidad


En el mundo en línea, podríamos considerar en cómo lo que hacemos nos afecta a nosotros mismos. Pero ¿qué pasa con los demás? En esta lección, los alumnos aprenden sobre un tema - los anillos de la responsabilidad-  con el objeti…

How Does Technology Make You Feel?


Students learn a poem to help them reflect upon different feelings they might experience when using technology.

Despidiéndote de tus dispositivos


Los estudiantes aprenderán cómo pausar, respirar y terminar cuando sea tiempo de poner las tablets y tecnología a un lado.

Media Balance Is Important


Students sing along with the Digital Citizens about the importance of media balance, learning how to be mindful of their tech use and how it makes them feel.

Whose Is It, Anyway?


Animated video encourages students to think about appropriate ways to use original online work.

Teens and Tech: The New Landscape


As tweens and teens grow up in a digital world, they go through the same developmental stages they always have. Digital media poses both possibilities and perils as teens experiment and explore who they are and who they want to b…

6 Ways to Help Your Kids Stop Multitasking During Homework


Are your kids multitasking during homework? Here are six tips to help them focus on one activity at a time.