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Teen Voices: Hate Speech Online


Students hear teens share their candid thoughts about xenophobia and online hate speech, including why they think it happens and ways to respond.

What's Cyberbullying?


Help students learn what kinds of online behaviors are cyberbullying and ways to combat it.

The Power of Words


Help your students build empathy by learning how the words they use online are indeed powerful, and show them strategies they can use when they encounter cyberbullying.

El poder de las palabras


Los estudiantes desarrollan su empatía al reflexionar sobre cómo las palabras que usan en línea pueden impactar los sentimientos de los demás. También aprenden una estrategia que pueden utilizar cuando se encuentren en alguna sit…

Civil Discourse Online


Students hear from Cameron Kasky, Parkland school shooting survivor and March for Our Lives activist, on what he learned about civil discourse online and how to foster common ground with others, even in disagreement.

Is the Internet Making You Meaner?


Students consider whether and how people might be meaner online than they in person, and explore what causes online disinhibition.

Teen Voices: Dealing with Digital Drama


Students hear what other teens have to say about meeting and talking to known and unknown people online, think about the types of information they're sharing about themselves, and consider strategies to keep their online friendsh…

¿Qué es el ciberbullying?


Algo que es lamentablemente cierto sobre el Internet: algunos espacios en línea pueden estar llenos de acciones negativas, groseras o malintencionadas, pero ¿califican este tipo de acciones como ciberbullying? Ayuda a tus alumnos…

Cómo mantener los juegos divertidos y amigables


Ser sociable y hablar con otros jugadores es parte de lo que hace que los juegos en línea sean tan populares y atractivos para los niños. Por supuesto, la comunicación dentro de los juegos en línea también puede conllevar algunos…

Keeping Games Fun and Friendly


Students learn how to keep their experiences positive and fun when communicating in online games with others.

Teaching Digital Citizenship: Digital Drama Unplugged


How can you de-escalate digital drama so it doesn't go too far? Watch a digital citizenship lesson in action! See how Carmen Martinez, counselor at Takoma Park Middle School for Maryland's Montgomery County Public Schools, teache…

Teaching Digital Citizenship: Be a Super Digital Citizen


How can we be upstanders when we see cyberbullying? Watch a digital citizenship lesson in action! See how Erin Solheim, school library media specialist at Walnut Hill Elementary for Omaha Public Schools, Nebraska, teaches fourth …