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Ruben Puentedura on the Impact of the SAMR Model


Hear from Dr. Ruben Puentedura, creator of the SAMR model, on how the model impacts student achievement, and how schools can use SAMR as a "common language" to design meaningful learning experiences with technology.

Teens and Tech: The New Landscape


As tweens and teens grow up in a digital world, they go through the same developmental stages they always have. Digital media poses both possibilities and perils as teens experiment and explore who they are and who they want to b…

Kids and Tech: The New Landscape


What is the role that media and technology play in children's development? If used safely and wisely, media and technology can support a child's growth. Apps, games, and websites can help kids with problem-solving, cooperation, h…

What's a PLN? And 3 Ways Teachers Can Get Connected


As teachers, we all have unique interests and needs when it comes to our professional learning. In addition to traditional PD why not start your own PLN, or professional learning network? It's a truly personalized way to learn fr…

Protecting Your Students' Privacy on Social Media


Social media can pose risks to students' privacy, but these risks can be managed with informed, intentional use. There's also a huge upside: Teachers can use social media to share best practices, provide an authentic audience for…

Getting Your Teacher PLN Started on Twitter


Are you a teacher who's new to Twitter? If you haven't heard already, it's the number-one platform for teachers' PLNs (or professional learning networks). Because it's so widely used among educators, Twitter is a great place to c…

Khan Academy Teacher Tour


Khan Academy is one of the biggest websites in edtech, but is it any good? More importantly, is it gonna be what you need for you or your students? This teacher-focused tour and demo of Khan Academy digs into how the site is stru…

How to Assign Group Work in Google Classroom


It's become a whole lot easier to assign group work in Google Classroom. Learn how to use Google Classroom's assignments feature to create and manage group projects for students. Simply create a new assignment, de-select "a…

Tips for Great Group Work in the Classroom


Collaboration is essential to students’ learning! Having kids work together promotes cooperation, builds social-emotional skills, and gets them engaged in active learning. Group work, on the other hand, tends to come with c…