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10 Summer Movies to Broaden Kids' Perspectives


​Summer movies tend to be action-packed, filled with high-speed chases, shoot-outs, explosions, and over-the-top fight scenes. But many summer movies also offer valuable opportunities for out-of-school learning. Students can bene…

ExploreLearning Reflex in 30 Seconds


​Is ExploreLearning Reflex the right math program for your elementary students? This quick video aims to help you find an answer. In just 30 seconds, find out about Reflex's unique adaptive activities that help students build mat…

Why Discovery Tour Is a Great Learning Game


The Discovery Tour mode in Assassin's Creed Origins makes this popular game a surprise contender for best educational game ever. These tours of ancient Egypt -- all set within the Assassin's Creed Origins world -- feature fascina…

Flocabulary in 30 Seconds


Do your students love hip-hop? Or they maybe just enjoy engaging videos? Flocabulary might be a go-to instructional option for your classroom. To find out, watch this short overview of Flocabulary's key features, including their …

Storybird in 30 Seconds


In a sea of storytelling apps, Storybird stands out. It makes it easy for kids to turn their imaginative ideas and narratives into books. But it also has its limitations. Is it right for your classroom? This short video will let …

BrainPOP Jr. in 30 Seconds


BrainPOP Jr. is one of the most popular providers of learning resources for young kids. But does it live up to the hype? Find out in this super short video that digs into BrainPOP's approach to educational videos and supporting r…

MobyMax in 30 Seconds


MobyMax is a huge, popular K-8 website. It's so big in fact that it can be a bit tough to wrap your head around. To help, we've put together this super quick overview that goes over the site's key features, including its teacher …

PhET in 30 Seconds


PhET is a classic,  beloved website among science teachers, especially in physics classrooms. But is it gonna work for your students? This short video showcases the site's famed interactive simulations as well as some pros and co…

10 Middle School Movies For Teaching SEL in the Classroom


The best films move us to think and feel in ways we’ve never imagined. They can make us both laugh and cry, and they help us learn more about ourselves and how we relate to others. Of course, many popular movies deal with social …

Digital Citizenship for Every School


Common Sense Education provides schools with a free, research-based Digital Citizenship Curriculum for grades K–12. Listen to educators describe how the curriculum has positively affected their students and transformed their scho…

Online Targeting and Tracking Animation


Highlights how search information is tracked online.

Introduction to the TPACK Model


TPACK, or Technological Pedagogical Content Knowledge, is a model that helps teachers consider how their knowledge domains intersect in order to effectively teach and engage students with technology. Learn more about TPACK and ho…