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Pause & Think Online


From our head down to our toes, and our feet up to our nose, the Digital Citizens are featured in a song helping students pause and think about how to be safe, responsible, and respectful online.

How Does Technology Make You Feel?


Students learn a poem to help them reflect upon different feelings they might experience when using technology.

Saying Goodbye to Technology


Students learn to pause, breathe, and finish up whenever they have to say good-bye to technology.

La tecnología y tus emociones


Los estudiantes se aprenderán un poema para reflexionar sobre las emociones que sienten cuando usan los medios y la tecnología.

Pausa y piensa en la red


De la cabeza a los dedos de tus pies y de tus pies a tu nariz, los Ciudadanos Digitales le enseñan a los niños sobre la importancia de la seguridad, responsabilidad, y el respeto en línea.

Despidiéndote de tus dispositivos


Los estudiantes aprenderán cómo pausar, respirar y terminar cuando sea tiempo de poner las tablets y tecnología a un lado.

El balance de los medios es importante


Los Ciudadanos Digitales exploran el balance de los medios, enseñándole a los niños a ser conscientes sobre el uso de la tecnología y cómo los hace sentir.

Media Balance Is Important


Students sing along with the Digital Citizens about the importance of media balance, learning how to be mindful of their tech use and how it makes them feel.

What is Digital Citizenship (with ASL interpretations)


Does your school teach digital citizenship? Learn what it is and why it matters.

What Is Digital Citizenship?


Does your school teach digital citizenship? Learn what it is and why it matters.

Power Up Your Parent Communication


Effective parent-teacher communication is crucial in helping students learn. But for busy teachers, it can be challenging just to keep up. Can apps and other digital tools make it easier to keep everyone -- parents and stud…

Whose Is It, Anyway?


Animated video encourages students to think about appropriate ways to use original online work.

How to Use Google Reverse Image Search to Fact-Check Images


A quick demo of how Google's reverse image search tool can be used to fact-check and research images. Have you ever wondered about the source or history behind an image? Google image search can help provide answers. Whether you'r…

3 Tips for Great Formative Assessment


Unlock the full potential of formative assessment in your classroom! Check out these tips for how to use formative assessment apps and games such as Kahoot, Socrative, Plickers, and Poll Everywhere to check for understandin…