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When is the Right Age to Start Social Media?


Students consider that in the United States, children are required to be 13 to sign up for most social media platforms, and think about what age kids should be allowed to start using social media, in light of privacy and social d…

Super Digital Citizen (with ASL interpretation)


Students put themselves into the shoes of the Digital Citizen characters, who play superheroes that are able to solve digital dilemmas in responsible ways.

Is the Internet Making You Meaner?


Students consider whether and how people might be meaner online than they in person, and explore what causes online disinhibition.

Teen Voices: Friendships and Boundaries


Students listen to other teens' thoughts and feelings about having and maintaining boundaries in friendships online, in a world of being constantly connected.

Teen Voices: Who Are You on Social Media?


Students hear teens reflect on how they decide to represent themselves in the digital world, reflecting on whether they represent the self they're aiming to be.

Teen Voices: Sexting, Relationships, and Risks


Students can hear other teens' honest -- and sometimes frank -- thoughts about the pressures and risks that come with sexting, then consider how they might react in similar situations.

Teen Voices: Oversharing and Your Digital Footprint


Students hear what other teens have to say about sharing on social media, then think critically about the decisions they're making any time they post something online about themselves or others.

Teen Voices: The Pressure to Stay Connected


Students hear what other teens have to say about how digital media has them feeling "hooked," then think critically about their own digital media use.

Teen Voices: Friendships and Social Media


Students hear what other teens have to say about using social media to connect with friends, consider the complications and distractions that can happen, and think critically about how social media affects their own relationships…

Huella Digital


​¿Sabes qué es la huella digital? Entender este concepto es escencialpara tener una presencia on-line positiva. Entérate en este video de Common Sense.

What's in Your Digital Footprint?


Students learn to think carefully before posting and sharing information by comparing their digital footprints to things such as a permanent marker, a copy machine, or a jumbotron at a stadium.

Teen Voices: Dealing with Digital Drama


Students hear what other teens have to say about meeting and talking to known and unknown people online, think about the types of information they're sharing about themselves, and consider strategies to keep their online friendsh…

Teen Voices: Who You're Talking to Online


Students hear from teens about the benefits and drawbacks of presenting themselves differently (or even anonymously) to others online, and consider what it means to "be yourself" in digital spaces.

Digital Life 101


Students learn all the ways we consume, create, and share digital media in our daily lives, then reflect on its omnipresence.

Leyendo noticias en línea


Los niños encuentran las noticias en Internet de muchas maneras diferentes, pero los estudios demuestran que no son muy buenos interpretando lo que ven. ¿Cómo podemos ayudarlos a mejorar? Una forma de comenzar es enseñando a tus …