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Sigue las huellas digitales


Los estudiantes aprenderán que toda la información que publican en línea deja una huella digital. Estas “huellas” pueden ser grandes o pequeñas, y pueden ser beneficiosas o perjudicantes, dependiendo de cómo las manejen.

Semáforo de internet


¡La seguridad en línea es muy similar a la seguridad en nuestro vecindario! En este video, los estudiantes se aprenderán el poema “Semáforo de internet” para saber qué hacer cuando llegan a un sitio web no apropiado para ellos.

Despidiéndote de tus dispositivos


Los estudiantes aprenderán cómo pausar, respirar y terminar cuando sea tiempo de poner las tablets y tecnología a un lado.

10 Middle School Movies For Teaching SEL in the Classroom


The best films move us to think and feel in ways we’ve never imagined. They can make us both laugh and cry, and they help us learn more about ourselves and how we relate to others. Of course, many popular movies deal with social …

PhET in 30 Seconds


PhET is a classic,  beloved website among science teachers, especially in physics classrooms. But is it gonna work for your students? This short video showcases the site's famed interactive simulations as well as some pros and co…

MobyMax in 30 Seconds


MobyMax is a huge, popular K-8 website. It's so big in fact that it can be a bit tough to wrap your head around. To help, we've put together this super quick overview that goes over the site's key features, including its teacher …

What's Cyberbullying?


Help students learn what kinds of online behaviors are cyberbullying and ways to combat it.

10 Great YouTube Channels for Teaching Video Essays


With more than 7 billion videos on YouTube, it can be challenging to curate what's best for your classroom. But amid all of the frivolous, silly, or even obnoxious content, there are gems to be found. On top of this, some truly u…

10 Great Movies for the STEM Classroom


A great way to get students excited about STEM (science, technology, engineering, and math), is to show them the ways that popular media uses -- and misuses -- the concepts you teach daily. Used as part of a lesson, clips from mo…

Google Search Tricks for Research


Google can be a great starting point for any research project. But if you’re looking for more refined, credible, and useful information you’ve gotta get familiar with Google’s “search operators” – basically ways to target your se…

Teen Voices: Friendships and Boundaries (Adapted)


We all love to chat and socialize with our friends. But in our world of constant connection, texts, and social media, managing your friendships online can come with benefits, and also some drawbacks -- especially when it comes to…

Get Students to Self-Assess After a Quiz with Kahoot


Check out this simple formative assessment tip designed to make the most of Kahoot. Go beyond quiz games and explore how Kahoot's polling and surveying features can get students reflecting, self-assessing, and figuring out next s…

3 Tips for Great Formative Assessment


Unlock the full potential of formative assessment in your classroom! Check out these tips for how to use formative assessment apps and games such as Kahoot, Socrative, Plickers, and Poll Everywhere to check for understanding and …

Power Up Your Parent Communication


Effective parent-teacher communication is crucial in helping students learn. But for busy teachers, it can be challenging just to keep up. Can apps and other digital tools make it easier to keep everyone -- parents and students -…

How to Deal with Technical Difficulties


Good lesson plans don't have to happen only one way. Hear how one teacher deals with the (inevitable!) technical difficulties that can happen and how she involves students.