Zondle WAS a comprehensive free learning/gaming site that students could use as an alternative to worksheets.

Submitted 7 years ago
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Overall this tool has made my lessons and assignments more enjoyable and engaging for the students because they get to have more of a choice in their learning. I like that it is easy to set up, monitor and that there is a built in gradebook for me to check progress of my students. This tool could better serve me and my students if it was easier to organize the material individually and if you could simply delete those things unwanted with a single click. Finally, if they would keep it free that would be even better.

How I Use It

This product is an outstanding alternative to worksheets. It has allowed my students to be able to practice material multiple times instead of just once with instant feedback on right or wrong as well as receiving rewards for being correct. The teacher is able to create a variety of question styles to reach different types of learners from multiple choice to short answers to hear and retype the answer. I have used this tool for previewing material, reviewing material and as a reward for those who finish early or work at a different pace. I have also used the challenge and team play options for whole group discussion and fun. As a whole my students have found this site extremely useful. I have had multiple students’ complete activities as many as 100 times doing them a majority of time at home. The issue right now is that even though it says it is free and always will be, they are looking at charging a yearly subscription fee. Shame on you Zondle for getting my students and I hooked and then changing the game!

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