Super fun game with uncertain future!!

Submitted 7 years ago
Karen D.
Karen D.
Beatrice Middle School
Beatrice NE, US
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I love this product. I was sad to hear that it would no longer be in existence. However, we have now been informed that it will continue to exist with a rather high yearly fee. I am concerned my school administrators will not support this at this proposed fee.

How I Use It

This is a wonderfully engaging review tool that kids beg to play. I put review material into this game format and kids play at home far more often than any other tool I have tried. Kids come in and brag about being at the top of the leaderboard. Kids even play after taking the assessment on the topics.
I also had kids create their own Zondles where they had to write the question and come up with 3 legitimate distractors. Kids really had to think about whether their choices were too far fetched and possibly make the actual answer too easy to identify.

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