Use beyond elementary school for review or student created content.

Submitted 8 years ago
Dawn C.
Dawn C.
Beacon High School
Beacon NY, US
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My Take

Although some might see Zondle as being simplistic, I think it is the simplicity that makes this site great! It’s easy to use for both the teacher creating games and for students to play the games. Having the ability to have students visit the site themselves or to embed individual games elsewhere into a website of a Learning Management System (ex. Schoology) makes this product versatile. The little games that are interspersed into the questions helped students to avoid fatigue and gives them something to aim for if they answer questions correctly. I really like Zondle and recommend it for any grade level.

How I Use It

I teach high school social studies and I have used Zondle as tool for student review of concepts. You might think that the characters or games would be too elementary for high school students but they’re not! My students thought the creatures were cute and that the games were fun diversions/rewards that broke up the review process. I especially liked that each game I created could be embedded into my own class website so that no student sign in was required. You can have students sign in and track their process, I did not use this function. Students could also be assigned to create their own Zondle review sets as part of a project to demonstrate their knowledge.