Great for Creating Interactive Videos with Embedded Assessments

Submitted 6 years ago
Robert P.
Robert P.
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I appreciate the ability to add comments to a video in order to clarify content and stress the most important points. I also find the embedded assessments to be invaluable as I much prefer this type of active assessment. I did not experience the analytics but can only hope they are as well done as the features that I did experience. The reaction of my classmates was overwhelming positive and many are now anxious to put this tool to work in their classrooms.

How I Use It

I used Zaption to create an interactive philosophy video for a School of Education grad school project. The project was titled “Infusing Creativity into Online Learning” and Zaption was one of the web tools that we showcased. I was able to learn Zaption and create my video in approximately one hour. I included sidebar, as well as overlaid comments to help clarify the topic, and also a couple short assessments. I used the editing feature to cut the overall length of the YouTube video.

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